Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bulldozer City

My kids rooms are clean!! While they're back in Ohio I thought it would be a grand opportunity to take the bulldozer into their shrines and do some reconstruction. Trust me....they'll think they're in somebody elses house when they get home and walk in. Things are picked up, organized, and their collection of pop cans, water bottles, and anything else they can think of is gone. You can actually walk across the floor now. I know I should get on them about picking things up, but after years and years of harping non-stop, I decided it's just easier to close the door and block it out. Who pray tell will do all their dirty work when they leave home?? Anyway, they have a couple more weeks left back in Ohio so at least I will get to enjoy walking by everyday and seeing how nice it looks. I've talked to all 3 of them on msn almost would think that maybe I miss them! I do....I do.....I do!