Thursday, July 28, 2005

From Seattle to Ohio

Summer is here and that means time off for Mom and Ron. We drove Derek and Shannon to Seattle the other night and put them on a plane headed for Cincinnati and then to their hometown where they will stay the next month with their Dad, Sister, and Grandma. Seems hard to believe that they are almost 16 and can travel by themselves now. And it's really hard for me to believe that I have a 20 year old! All 3 of them have become great, independent individuals, and I do have to say that I'm very proud of them and think that I've done a great job in raising them. Along with the help of some very important people.
Ron did all the driving on the way to Seattle. He likes to be in control that way... he forgets that I drove all the way across the country and back by myself and I am quite capable of driving a vehichle. Anyway, I was tired and it was night time and I appreciated him driving because I don't know my way to Seattle that well and some of the highways are tricky. We took our time and stopped several times for a stretch or to get coffee. We must've drank 2 gallons. One roadside rest we stopped at had volunteers working there, serving free coffee and snacks. You could tell the night air had gotten to the cookies because they were rock hard, but not bad when you dunked them in mud flavored coffee. Hey, whaddya expect for free??
We got to the airport around 4 in the morning and Derek and Shannon's plane took off at 6:30am. They got to Ohio before me and Ron got back home! Lindsay (their older sister) picked them up at the airport.....Thanks Lindsay!
All for now.....xoxoxoxoxo.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dressing Rooms

Yesterday I had some time so I thought I would stop at the mall and look at clothes. I wandered around and found lots of things to try on....not my favorite thing to do, but I need to look presentable when I go to work, so it will now become an ongoing adventure to keep my clothes updated and looking good. While in the dressing room it became evident to me that every store needs an employee working in there doing what I experienced. Actually it was hilarious and I was trying to control the laughter as I worked my way through the pile of clothes. As I was standing there picking out which outfit I would try on next, I heard a girl in the next room talking to whoever she was with...the other lady wasn't talking so it was almost like she was talking to least thats how it seemed. Because....I put on the first pair of pants and she says to (the other lady), those look great. They fit so nice. (And mine did) Then she must of been trying on a the same time as me...because the lady says (to the other lady)...that color looks great on you! (And, I thought the color looked pretty good on me too..haha) Since women have a hard time in dressing rooms and they are so critical of themselves I just thought it would be a great idea if department stores hired people to stand in the next dressing room and give you compliments without even seeing you. Dressing rooms can be evil....and this would help dull the pain. Don't you agree?