Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Saskatchewan Farmer & His Wife

My life has gone from staying home and being bored to working like a dog. But, as you all know by now, I LOVE MY JOB. Today was my scheduled day off, but the shop has been really busy and I decided to go in today because I'm trying to build my clientele. That's the hardest thing, and it does take some in a few months. When I lived back in Ohio I did hair and had my own shop, and the clientele I had, had been with me for some cases 20 years. I had a huge following and they were all great was hard to leave them when I came to Canada. But now, after only a few weeks in the new salon, I have stirred up some excitement with some of my customers and I think they will become regular clients. Yea! Anyway, I went in to work today and I ended up staying busy all afternoon.

One elderly lady I did was here from Colorado to attend a wedding. She was tall and beautiful for an older woman, and when I got done with her I thought she was going to get on a loud speaker to announce to the world that she loved her hair. It made me feel good that I made her so happy. She gave me a $10 dollar tip! She even took some of my cards to pass out...either that or she's going to fly up from Colorado to get her hair done..haha..and by the looks of things, she could afford it.

I did a few other people and then I did Grant. Grant was a 40something farmer/rock star from Saskatchewan.....somewhere in the middle of Canada. He is attending a wedding on Saturday at the Country Club and I'm doing the bride's hair for that. (She lives in the Cayman Islands but her family lives here). So, Grant is the brides step-father and he said he wanted to look presentable. His hair was half way down his back...and tangled. I asked him if he had the windows rolled down on the car...or maybe he had a convertible or a motorcycle...I had to put conditioner on and comb it through to get the tangles out. Long story short, he had me cut it all off and he looked like a different person when I got done. It looked great! He was happy with it. His wife was sitting there watching me cut his hair, and then she decided she wanted me to do her hair...I loved the snowball effect that was happenin. So off to the shampoo area we went and I got busy on her. She talked about how her daughter (the one thats getting married Saturday) loved her hair when she came in for her "trial" hairdo. And she was so happy that I had been so accomodating and kind to her. Very nice people....I finished her up and took her to the desk and she gave me a $30 tip! I can get used to this...yes I can. It's a good thing I went to work today. Not only do I enjoy the money, I enjoy making people feel good when I'm at work. I hope my enthusiasm lasts for a long long time.

On a different note: My daughter Lindsay got a new CAT named Beamer. Now I don't like cats, I'm a dog person, but this is probably the cutest cat I've ever seen. She looks like a tiger. Just a yellow ball of fluff with black stripes all over her body. I hope she keeps all her markings because ... really is a CUTE CAT. I had a few cats when I was young, but somehow I got turned into a dog lover. In a way though, cats would be a lot easier than "Jack the Brat" (my Rottie). Lindsay said the cat has a cute personality...but then again so did Baxter (our old dog that we got rid of because he turned into an asshole). Their all cute when they're puppies or kittens. I just hope that Beamer stays that way....for your sake Lindsay!

Shannon went to her ninth grade graduation last night. She was so excited and thought she was something. They had a dance after the ceremony and then we came home. She's been busy with work and getting promoted to shift manager for the restaurant she works for. She's only 15 and I think it's quite an accomplishment for her age!

Derek didn't go to his ceremony. Lots of boys didn't go....I think it was more of a fashion show for the girls anyway. They were struttin across the stage thinking they were hot. When we got there all the girls were hugging one another like they hadn't seen each other for years....uh, excuse me...didn't you just see everybody about 2 hours ago when school got out?? Something about 15 year old in...did I act like that?? I think I'm getting old.

Tonight I gave Derek a badly needed haircut. Of course he protested, but I insisted and guess who won out? ME. I decided to cut his hair with a razor this time because he has thick hair and it bunches up when cut with shears. Lots of stylists can't do razor cuts, but I'm skilled at them and it sure made a difference. He looks human again. There was enough hair on the floor to make a wig when I got done.
Well...guess what? Yes, you guessed it...I'm beat and need sleep. I can't wait to get up in the morning and go to work! Never thought I'd hear myself say that again.
Stay cool my babies...until later... xoxo.,


Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Sounds like you have many blessings to enjoy and share with the world.

7:02 AM, June 16, 2005  
Blogger Susan said...

I am glad that you are enjoying that job! Can I come up and work with you??? Teachers don't get tips!!! I did get a gift card for a haircut though because the mom who gave it to me goes to the same person I do. Tell Derek that he should move to Saskachewan(?) if he wants to wear his hair that long! Tell Shannon told me about her promotion. Let's just admit it....we Americans are more advanced, especially women, when it comes to working and doing an excellent job....just look at your tips!

7:57 AM, June 16, 2005  
Blogger Haole Girl said...

You are so lucky - most people don't love their jobs! It sounds like it is going to take a long time before your job becomes "routine" - if it ever does.

3:13 AM, June 17, 2005  
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