Thursday, May 19, 2005


Motherhood does have its rewards. As I was talking to Shannon tonight it became evident that she has big plans for the usual. Ben (her boyfriend) is having a birthday this weekend and she wants to go to his birthday party.
So, at the moment I'm dangling the carrot and saying....Have you seen your room? Why don't you go upstairs and get it cleaned up.
"I don't want to clean my room".
"I thought you said you wanted to go to Ben's house this weekend.

"Ooookkk" (She left the room with a disgruntled look)
Ha!! I love the power!


Anonymous Susan said...

Enjoy the power now....

6:31 PM, May 19, 2005  
Anonymous colleenR said...

You don't look old enough in your photo to have a daughter with a boyfriend who goes to parties. Is it true?

6:59 PM, May 19, 2005  
Blogger Bossy‚ô•'s YOU said...

yes..motherhhod is a grand wonder of power...but i know someday..and i know its coming..just have to be prepared...they will stop caring about your kids are still young..but I can remeber being a teenager..oh man..sneeking out,lieing...oh the trouble and chaos...I pray for you Jen..:-)
take care...

7:06 AM, May 20, 2005  
Blogger sandgirl said...

My daughter is only 5 and she acts like that! Do you think its a sign?

7:16 AM, May 20, 2005  

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