Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Life Goes On

After meeting with the owner of the Salon and Spa yesterday, I realized it was probably a good thing that he changed his mind about hiring me, because he seems like he would be a difficult person to work for. Not being firm in your beliefs and decisions would frustrate the hell out of me, and the fact that he lets his employees dictate to him how the place should be ran tells me he's not a businessman. Employee input is important, but not to the point where they are telling him what should and shouldn't be done.
Thank God I was able to maintain my composure and be professional even though I was fuming inside and wanting to tell him what I really thought of him and his business. What a coward, to hide behind the telephone on Saturday when he called to say that he had changed his mind about hiring me. That is why I wanted to go back in yesterday so he would have to sit face to face with me and give me an explanation. Hope I made him feel like a piece of shit. Doubt that I did though, because like I said, I was very professional. I wanted to leave there making him feel like he had made a huge mistake in not hiring me and if I would've spouted off it would've just made him feel like he had made the right decision.
So....onward and upward...something better will come along. I just have to go out there in this big huge world and search for it. What lies ahead? Who knows. But, I'll take the advice of my friend Barb and say "New week, new attitude", and I'll keep telling myself that everyday. With that kind of outlook, life in general will improve. Right?


Anonymous Susan said...

You should know that men really cannot run anything right....I have never worked for a male boss yet who has! HEEHEE

7:03 PM, May 11, 2005  

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