Friday, May 13, 2005

Job Hunting

I'm not liking this at all. Went gallavantin around town today with my resumes and a disguised attitude. Trying to be all smiles, and be positive is the last thing I wanna do right now, but I put on my best front and wandered out into the dog-eat-dog job world. All I could do was look at the person taking my resume and wonder "is this person another idiot who will hire me one day and change his mind the next?" How's that for attitude?

The first place I went there was a guy sitting behind the desk and he told me he was the owner. I gave him my resume and he glanced over it quickly and the first thing he said was, "Oh, you're from the states." Translated into Canadian, I'm beginnning to think that means "take a hike". Maybe I'm just being super-sensitive, now that I've been burned on what I considered the cream-of-the-crop jobsite. So anyway, I smiled and talked to him for a few minutes and then he said, "Well actually, my wife is the one that does the hiring." Oh Joy. He said she would contact me.

So off to the next Wannabehairsalon. I walked into this place that was advertising for stylists. This happy person comes up to the front desk and tells me she's the owner. I gave her my resume and talked to her for a few brief moments and she said she would look it over. She was (another) owner....but NOT a hairstylist and has never been in the industry before. Oh, and I need to mention that the "stylist" she had in there working looked like she just got out of bed. Now, I've seen some hairstyles that have that "just got out of bed look" and it looks good....not the case with this one. Imagine yourself on your worse day getting out of bed and this is what she looked like standing behind the chair perfoming "miracles" on some unsuspecting victim.

I'm getting frustrated now. So, on to the next salon. Hmmm....oh yeah. I wanted to go to the salon right down the street from me because it was for sale a couple weeks ago....maybe I could just buy that one. It would be convienent and I could turn it around and make it into a "good" salon. So, I walked in, and there were 3 ladies...all about 85, with blue hair, getting teased and sprayed. The girl doing the hair looked like the spittin image of a cross-bred skunk. Red hair on the sides and bleached out white all through the middle. Now again, I'm open minded enough, and I have been to lots of hair shows to know that in the mind of a hairdresser, if this is done right, the right person COULD get away with such obscene hair. Not the case here. The guy working behind the desk couldn't even schedule appointments and he looked like he needed a dunce cap on his head. I just took one look around and da...can't do it. For a split second I thought I could just get in there and start doing hair and maybe later down the road they would offer to sell it.....but I couldn't bring myself to leave a resume there. I wouldn't have been happy from day 1.

I know it must sound like I need an attitude adjustment....and I do....but it's internal, and I wouldn't let it show in public for a second. Believe me, when I go to apply for a job I'm professional, positive, and do everything I'm supposed to do. But gettin smacked down last week at a place where I really wanted to work has done some damage. I don't like it when people mess with my spirit. Excitement and enthusiasm are good qualities right? It's like, oh, you're too happy, too qualified, too American, too this too that. Goodbye. That's about the time I want to tell the world, with the exception of family and friends, to Kiss My A**.

Lord, I apologize. Next week will be know why? Cuz, I'm tired of listening to myself whine. It's gettin on my own nerves. I will put a fake smile on my face and maybe it will turn into a real one before long.

Ciao for now. xoxoxoxo


Anonymous Susan said...

I just about fell out of my chair laughing at the skunk lady....don't take things personally, Jennifer. It's a nasty weird world out there sometimes. I remember when I was trying to get a teaching job. Geez..........the big question was "are you going to put your husband and kids on the insurance???" which, by the way, is illegal to ask I now know. One of these days you will find a job with your name written all over it and it will happen. I know it.
Love ya....Susan

5:50 PM, May 13, 2005  
Blogger Jen said...

Thank you for the encouraging words. I need it right now. Love you too.

6:44 PM, May 13, 2005  
Blogger Lorianne said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! Job-hunting can be so de-moralizing. Just try to remember that you have worth whether an employer hires you or not!

(PS: I was born & raised in Ohio, so I smiled to see you're a Buckeye native as well!)

12:40 PM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger Jen said...

Lorianne..what part?? Toledo?

1:26 PM, May 16, 2005  

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